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Our Service and Mission:

  • 1、With the most professional and optimal goal: to provide the whole line mineral processing solution for customer with less investment and shorter time for higher profit.
  • 2、We provide sample testing service every customer, make sure they are confident about our machine and the work efficiency of our machinery.
  • 3、We provide our product with a competitive price, on time shipment.
  • 4、Each machine that provide by us has the unique identifiable code to trace and supplements with operation brochure.
  • 5、Our engineer can provide professional install and operation training service if demanded.
  • 6、Time and on-site treatment to product quality issue with 24 hours for customers from Guangdong province, within 48 hours for other province's customers to ensure production consistency.
  • 7、We provide one years after sales service for every single product, the quality guarantee period is one year, thus excluding the spare parts.
  • 8、We provide lifetime after sales service for our products, together with our stocked spare parts.

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